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With this dock, users could charge your iPhone5/5S/6, Samsung Galaxy or note and your bluetooth handset at the same time! Enjoy incoming or outgoing calls on your iPhone with this pretty anti-radiation handset,offering a comportable and flexible way:it allows to control the volume and turn on/off the call directly. What's more,it could avoid 99% radiation compared with using the mobile phone directly.Nowadays, people care health more and more, this anti-radiation handset for iPhone do enhance and better our daily life..




A13-recharge for iPhone5/5S/6-1 A13-recharge for iPhone5/5S/6-2 A13-recharge for iPhone5/5S/6-3 A13-recharge for iPhone5/5S/6-4
A12-recharge for Samsung-1 A12-recharge for Samsung-2 A12-recharge for Samsung-3 A12-recharge for Samsung-4
A10-stand your mobile phones-1 A10-stand your mobile phones-2 A10-stand your mobile phones-3 A10-stand your mobile phones-4
A9-bluetooth handset-1 A9-bluetooth handset-2 A9-bluetooth handset-3 A9-bluetooth handset-4
A8-wired handset for iPhone-1 A8-wired handset for iPhone-2 A8-wired handset for iPhone-3 A8-wired handset for iPhone-4

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