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Shenzhen Supertempo Technology Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Supertempo Technology Co., Ltd
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SHENZHEN SUPERTEMPO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, Located in Shenzhen, China, was founded in 2000. Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Electronic products including mobile phones, MP3 players, MP4 player, MP5 Player, USB disk drive and other relative electronics products. Currently, we have more than 500 employees including more than 20 technical and management employees.Our company has a specialized team to be engaged in the handsets design, production and marketing, providing the mobile termination motherboard, hardware, and software for the customers. Simultaneously we can provide the complete handset from the product definition to manufacture and the after-sale service.

We have industry in experienced personnel and so on design, purchase, production; the entire team has the formidable cohesive force. The manufacturing handset platform involves in Freescale, TI, MTK, Infineon and so on. Displaying ourselves in the production and the cost control, we can provide most superior, the most perfect design, the manufacturing plan and the most superior price disposition for our customers. Our products are selling to everywhere.

Our Telecom products get a good achievement in France, German, Arabic, India, Egypt, Brazil and so on. SUPERTEMPO will develop fiber optic transmission series product in the next step. In 2007, the fiber optic transmission series is comprehensive going on the market. Our company respects the talented person, science.

With support of strong R&D team, strict quality control, and advanced production equipment, we have won great reputation from worldwide customers. We will continue to focus on innovation, super quality and perfect service to satisfy various needs and requirements of domestic and overseas customers.

Payment terms: T/T, West union.

Shipping Ways: UPS, DHL, Air parcel, Ship by sea and EMS.
Warranty: We are responsible for repairing the faulty item without any charge. The shipping cost we pay from China to your country only.

For larger orders, we have a special team which can provide OEM-Services. We can design colorful box according to your requirements.

P.S. If you want to talk with me right now, please contact me by Alibaba"s TradeManager, MSN or SKPYE. We do hope that we can help you expand business in future.

Company Website URL:

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